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Bloggers Traffic Community is similar to Facebook blogging groups that most bloggers who are trying to promote their blogs are used to.  However not only is Bloggers Traffic Community a more powerful version of a Facebook blogging group. It comes without the limitations and hassles that plague Facebook Groups.

We are free community! So just sign up or Login and get growing your site!

About BTC

I joined Bloggers Traffic Community when it was just beginning & I'm so glad I did. Not only has the traffic to my site exploded, but my Pinterest account has really taken off! Come & join us... you'll find fellow bloggers here from all niches & levels of experience and you'll also make some great friends! Simone -

Simone LongBraid

Whether you're already a serious blogger or just starting out, you owe it to yourself to join Bloggers Traffic Community. Since joining BTC, I'm getting increased traffic on my blog, more insights and more engagement, and I'm getting to share ideas and strategies with a great bunch of bloggers from different niches. BTC is definitely a high-value asset, regardless of your niche. Excellent! - Steve Good,

Steve Good

BTC is quite popular for some really useful and happening threads that will help you to grow in the blogging world in all fronts. I am really happy to be a part of this growth story of BTC as well as the blogging family which is a part of this. I blog at

Anindya Rakshit
Thursday, August 31, 2017

I joined BTC through John Mulindi. BTC has really helped me a lot particularly on Pinterest. Since i joined i have had an increase in Blog Stats. I am happy to be Here.

Matthew Ukwadia

I can’t remember how I found Blogger Traffic Community but I’m so glad I did. It has increased my traffic to my blog from several different platforms in the short couple months I’ve been here. Most importantly I learn something new from my fellow bloggers everyday. Best decision I have ever made for my blog!

Suzanne Kopecki

I joined Blogger Traffic Community a few months ago and found the site, and the community members, to be welcoming, super helpful in all things related to blogging in many niches, and knowledgable about their craft. I have learned so much from the information shared by other members, much more than I would have learned on my own without being a member of BTC. The sharing oportunites have directed traffic to my site and for that I'm a very happy member! Check out my wanderlust at

Shirley Tharp
A must Read iff your serious about your blog

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