12 Ways To Stop Being Busy

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Always busy? Or feel that way? Here are 12 ways to Stop Being Busy!

Life these days moves extremely fast and we can tend to feel overwhelmed with all that is happening right now and with all that needs to get done.

It doesn’t stop.

But we do have a choice in how we feel.

You are never too busy to enjoy life, you may just need to adjust some things a bit.

Don’t act like ‘busy’ is better

Some of us have it in our heads that if we stay ‘busy’ that we are getting more done. I don’t really believe that. Sometimes we just end up going through the motions while getting nothing done. Yes. This happens a lot.

It’s okay to be still when time allows for it. Constantly moving isn’t always best. Being in our thoughts and allowing things to settle can actually be more beneficial for our productivity. So try sitting still for a bit.

Appreciate the quiet

Since becoming a parent I adore the quiet so much more because it’s not very often I get it. Letting silence direct your intention is a wonderful idea. You end up noticing things around you that you wouldn’t otherwise.

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Indulge in your passions

What makes you so happy you can’t stand it? Do you love to write? Paint? Run? Create? Finding something that you are passionate about is the ultimate activity to stop time and just be. Doing what you love can bring a sense of calm to yourself that is a necessity. Lead with your soul’s desire and you will never feel busy.

Get rid of things that you don’t need

We live in a world where possessions are admired. But are they needed? Not really. The more we have can sometimes bring on a sense of anxiousness and the feeling of more to do.

The excess can be chaotic. Dig deep and rid yourself of anything that doesn’t bring true joy or beauty into your life. I promise you will feel lighter.

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Turn off your electronics

TV, social media and even Google can bring on overwhelm sometimes. It all moves so fast and throws so much at you in a matter of seconds. It can make you feel ‘busy’ when in reality you are just wasting time.

Turn the television off and log out of Facebook for a bit and see how you feel.


Stop moving and take in some air. Breathing techniques can help you be still and reevaluate your present situation. It can help wonders.

Get outside

Connect with the outdoors. Listen to the wind, feel it run through your hair. Take in the warmth from the sun on your skin. Be one with the moments you’re in. That ‘busy’ feeling will wash away.

Turn notifications off

So you put down the phone but can’t relax because you are alerted every time someone likes your photo. Let your brain rest and turn those alerts off. They will all be there when you are ready.

Let things go

Holding grudges or past frustrations front and center can keep you tense. You will always feel like something is reeling and needing to be dealt with. Let things go and feel a sense of release for yourself.

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Find peace in imperfection

Not everything needs to be perfect and a little side note, they won’t ever be. Nothing is. Having the need for perfection can bring on endless disappointment and cause you to feel constantly bothered and inundated.

Look for the beauty in the imperfect. Except what you can’t change and adjust your sails.

Do one thing at a time

I know we praise multitasking but sometimes we just end up spreading ourselves thin. Focusing on one thing at a time can prove better, more efficient results. You may just get more done this way.

Be selfless

Give some of your time to others and really be in those moments with them. Read to your children, laugh with your friends, visit your parents, play with your pup. No time is too busy to do that.

We all have a choice in how we perceive our time. Don’t give into the chaos. It’s there and ready to take over.

Don’t let it

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