5 Reasons You Should Read More To Write Well

5 Reasons You Should Read More To Write Well

 5 Reasons You Should Read More To Write Well

5 Reasons You Should Read More To Write Well

Few of the things that stimulate me much is Reading books. This habit has grown into me from the very early school days. And now that I have forayed into the world of blog writing, I am reading much more stuff including blogs. And that’s what prompted me to talk about a few things about the benefits and the usefulness of reading in order to be a better writer in this post “5 Reasons You Should Read More To Write Well”.

Most of us who are writing regularly in our blogs are avid readers as well. I know I am and you will agree with me that there’s nothing better than reading. No writer, whether a book writer or a blog writer, a journalist, a teacher, researcher, can ever say that they have not felt the necessity of reading in order to enhance their writing skills

A musician watches and listens to other musicians, a sports person follows the games of fellow sportspersons, actors and actresses watch their fellow colleagues in their movies, newspaper editors and journalists follow other publications, and in a similar way writers do and must read other writers’ work regularly. Whoever doesn’t, is not telling the truth or are simply being arrogant.

I think you are getting my point. Sometimes we struggle to write in our blogs. The words and ideas sometimes don’t flow so well, and we face the so-called “writers’ block”. That’s where reading comes into play. And to understand why it is important to find the reasons you should read more to be a better writer.

So, let’s see what these reasons are. Even though there can be many other reasons as well, these are just a few, which I feel drives me to read and encourages me to write more.

#1. Reading Gives Me Inspiration

Yes, I get inspired by reading other writers. I remember in my childhood days, the best past time I enjoyed was reading. Be it science fiction, adventure, mystery, and other stuff, I was always thrilled by the created world that I was in. As I grew older, the reading continued, maybe not in the same intensity as in the childhood days where time was abundant, but the content became much more matured in terms of depth and creativity. And it inspired me to create my writings as I have been reading in others’ works.

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