6 ways stress affects women

6 Ways Stress Can Affect A Woman’s Health

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Stress is not something to play with, it can affect our bodies in so many ways, some we may not even be aware of. As women, we can be quite complex people, wearing many different hats throughout our lives which can throw issues at us causing stress that can often differentiate from men

Life moves fast, we deal with a vast spectrum of things that can put a lot of pressure on us and let’s face it, we’re only human.

Because we as humans can only deal with so much it can cause us to seek alternative ways to help alleviate the stress. Maybe it’s a glass of wine in the evenings, cleaning out a pint of ice cream, smoking, or just completely shutting ourselves away from the outside world. Whatever it may be, these quick fixes generally just make things worse healthwise.

So, today we are taking a peek into what side effects of stress on the body can look like and then provide a possible solution.

Depression & Anxiety

Research suggests that women can feel the symptoms of stress more than men, which can raise their risk of depression and anxiety

Problems with that time of the month

Stress plays a role in suppressing the functioning of the hypothalamus, which controls the pituitary gland (the body’s master gland) which, in turn, controls the thyroid and adrenal glands and the ovaries; they all work together to manage hormones.

This can cause symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) to become increasingly uncomfortable, cause irregular or even missed periods.

Fertility issues

Chronic stress can cause problems with getting pregnant. It can affect ovulation, including problems with fertilization and implantation in the uterus.

The inability to get pregnant can also be a huge catalyst for stress.

Decreased sex drive

Lack of arousal or delayed arousal can stem from stress.

This study examined the relationship between chronic stress and sexual arousal and the mechanisms that mediate this relationship. It concluded that high levels of chronic stress were related to lower levels of genital sexual arousal.


Stress increases the amount of cortisol (hormone) which can lead you to overeat and store extra fat.

This study investigated the dynamics of weight gain in women who developed the weight gain after a well‐defined stressful event compared to an age‐matched control group of women with the onset and progressive development of obesity.  Check that out here.

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These six side effects alone could cause stress from the thought. It’s incredible what it can do to us. If there was a possible solution would it interest you?

A possible solution

Recently, I tried a product called “The Healing Trilogy”.

I have been on an adaptogen kick. Researching and realizing all of the many benefits they can provide us. This trilogy contains some of those amazing adaptogens within these blends of ayurvedic superfoods.

I had also recently tried a new product to market that was specifically an herbal anti-stress elixir but has since found that the trilogy provided me more overall benefits.

Since using these blends I have had increased clarity and energy and I’ve just felt a sense of calm.

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What are some of the benefits?


  • Maximize your brain’s performance
  • Protect your brain against cognitive decline
  • Support your body in deep & restful sleep
  • Calm your mind and uplift your mood


  • Boost stamina, exercise longer, improve sexual health
  • Naturally, increase nitric oxide levels
  • Synergistic formula for complete circulation support
  • Promotes the reduction of arterial inflammation


  • Decreases pain by decreasing inflammation
  • Assists with renewal and detoxifying the liver
  • Improves the mucosal lining of the gut
  • Promotes digestion and metabolism: soothes the stomach

How does it do this?

This product contains an “adaptogenic” complex formulated by Alexandria Brighton, the companies chief formulator and master herbalist. Adaptogens help your body, help itself by improving the function of every cell in the body.

It’s pretty remarkable what adaptogens can do.

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However, instead of studying every adaptogenic herb and creating remedies from home, wouldn’t it be way more attractive to have an effective blend at your fingertips?

You have the power to take your health into your own hands, this may just be a great way to start.

Originally Posted on Conlonlace.com


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