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BTC News Round Up

News Round-Up: New Group Boards, Moderator Needed, New member Power-Ups

A little bit of News Roundup

Group Boards

I wanted to say again that we now have several new group boards for everybody.

New Pinterest Group Board For Halloween
New Pinterest Group Board For Business and Financial Bloggers
BTC Pinterest Mom/Parenting Group Board Added
BTC  Pinterest Health Blogger Group Board
New Pinterest Group Board “Blogging How to?”

These are added to our Lifestyle, Travel, Food, and Fashion group boards If you wish to be added to any of these boards please just comment below.

Moderator needed

I need someone who can at 5 pm eastern time close the two moring threads (Pinterest-Re-Pin and Traffic thread) I want to start running these two threads twice a day. I just happen to be at work this time a day. It will take about 30 seconds of your day. You just need to comment with the graphic closed. If anybody can do this. Please let me know.

Member Power Up’s

Because of the popularity of the Member Pinterest Power up, I will be doing a Traffic and Twitter version of them starting soon. So be on the lookout for them.

Suggestion Topic

Just a reminder if you have an idea for a thread we can run or just have a suggestion, in general, please feel free to post it. I made the suggestion Topic just for your feedback.

Where bloggers come and collaborate help each other grow




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