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As always, there is a lot going on and I have a lot to get to in this post so I do apologize in advance for it being so long. So here is what is going on in no particular order.


The platform has been updated and now we have the ability to attach files to all postings. So if you’re collaborating with other bloggers and you need to share a file or two you can now attach them directly inside a posting.


Member post submissions continue to be going strong and would like to remind everybody that its first come first basis. Which means they are posted in the order which they come in. I try only to post no more than two in any 24 hr span to ensure fair visibility to all submissions. So be sure to submit them ASAP.

While we are on the topic of post submissions I would like to ask when members submit their posts that they do these two things.

1. Please submit your post with a pinnable pin image. Ideally, 600×900 in dimensions. But any 2:3 ratio will do. If you don’t do this and I have to make one. it may delay your post. Other posts will go ahead of you if I don’t have the time to make one on that particular day.

2. It would be a great help when submitting #hashtags that go with your post that you submit them with # in front of them. So #Blog not Blog. This will save me some time when I edit your post for publishing.

For people that are new. Here is where you can submit your posts:: https://bloggerstrafficcommunity.com/members-submit-page/

For more detailed information on how it works please visit this blog posting: https://bloggerstrafficcommunity.com/new-member-post-submission-to-main-site/

Please keep them coming! Backlinks to your site are such an important to have for search engine rankings.


I would like to ask all our members to find room somewhere on their site for a backlink to the BTC main webpage. It does not matter if it’s large or small. Just as long as the page it’s on its searchable to search engines. Any questions on this please contact me in the network at your convenience.


I will be adding the featured web page to the first page of the ur. This is in addition to its current position to better improve its visibility. I am also looking at doing a couple of other things that will improve not only the value but to the functionality as well. Although those remain in beta testing stages and time will only tell if they see the light of the day.

If you have a suggestion for something we could add to the main web page URL please don’t be shy about it. Let me know by direct messaging me or posting in suggestions topic. If something is going to make this site even better. I am all for it.


Yesterday a member posted that she did now we had Pinterest Group Boards to join. Which upset me because I thought I did a good job of letting people know of their existence. Apparently, I need to double my efforts.

So here is current Pinterest Group Board List.

BTC Group Board For Halloween

BTC Business and Financial Bloggers

BTC Pinterest Mom/Parenting Group

BTC “Blogging How to?” BTC Social Media Group Board

BTC Fashion Bloggers

BTC Food Bloggers

BTC Thanksgiving Group Board

BTC Christmas Group Board

BTC Lifestyle Bloggers Group Board

BTC Health Bloggers Board

BTC Travel Bloggers Board

BTC Pet Lovers

BTC Education & Teaching Group Board

BTC Books&Reading

BTC Love&Relationships Group Board

I add new groups boards upon request and need.


As always recruitment remains our top priority and I ask and challenge all our members to recruit others in your travels. The more people we bring the better it is for everyone. You all have seen the results with what we have at the moment. imagine what it will be like when we are even bigger.

Have an idea about how we can encourage and foster recruitment?. Again just DM me or let me know in the suggestions topic.

I have a couple other things on the agenda but this post is long enough already so I will end it here. Thanks to everybody that is making this place so awesome

Keith Ashwood

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