Cranberry Harvest Sensory Bin

Cranberry Harvest Sensory Bin

We took a long break from sensory bins over the summer we just weren’t inside much. I did bring the bin outside at one point for a Scrubbing Bubbles Sensory Bin, but it didn’t get as much use outside as it does indoors. With dropping temperatures and less outside time, I knew it was time to come up with some new fun activities for our bin. This cranberry harvest sensory bin was a huge hit with my daughter, plus I was able to add on some 2’s School extension activities. Bonus!

Sensory bins are a great activity to keeps toddlers busy and learning. The bin I use is smaller in scale 11×16″, but it’s the perfect size for her to sit next to on the ground and still be able to reach inside. In addition, it isn’t going to take buckets of materials to fill it up (or be dumped out on your floor). Lastly, the latching top makes it easy to seal the contents inside, pick it up and put it out of reach when the sensory play is over.

**Caution! Please watch your child very carefully when they are using their bin, especially if they like to put everything in their mouth**

Cranberry Harvest Sensory Bin Supplies

Latching Plastic Bin (click the link to see the one I use)

2 Cups of Fresh Cranberries (more for refills when you repeat the activity)

Harvesting Tools – Examples: A Slotted Spoon, Tongs, toy colander from play kitchen set

A container – to store your harvested cranberries in


Cranberry Sensory Bin Set Up

Make this cranberry sensory bin for some quick and easy sensory play fun for your toddler. #sensorybin #sensoryplay #cranberries #toddleractivies #learningthroughplay #finemotoractivity

1 – Place a towel (or two) on your floor where your child will be playing along with the harvesting tools and storage container.

2 – Fill the bin about 1/3  of the way full with water, then place the bin in the middle of the towel.

3 – Pour in approximately 2 cups of cranberries into the bin and let your child play.

Fair warning, water + toddler + scooping may make quite the mess which is the reason for the towels. Have fun!

Be sure to have extra cranberries for the next day when your toddler asks to repeat the fun.

As you can see, we’ve been having lots and lots of cranberry fun.  Plus there was lots of learning lots in the process.

I promise to publish an article about our extension activities soon, the post is in the works!  Do you have a favorite cranberry recipe or activity?  I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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