Dear Noncompliance: Meet the Quick 16 Safety Walkthrough Inspection

Dear Noncompliance: Meet the Quick 16 Safety Walkthrough Inspection

In the previous post, 16 Quick Items for a Timesaving Environmental Walkthrough Inspection, we discussed the challenges of regularly verifying compliance while balancing the heavy workload and time constraints most EHS managers face.  Well, this circumstance does not just apply to the environmental discipline.  The safety function often possesses the same or even greater time and workload pressures.

Moreover, safety centers around people.  So, depending on your industry, your regulatory agency inspectors probably visit the facility more often.  This just gives additional opportunities to identify noncompliance items, translating into the potential for increased fines.

Therefore, EHS managers should actively seek safety tools to help them succeed when it comes to their responsibilities. Keep reading to uncover one such tool, an example 16-item safety walkthrough inspection to assist in limiting safety compliance exposure.

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Safety Walkthrough Inspection – Importance and Limitations
Safety walkthrough inspections can give a quick review of site conditions for potential noncompliance items on a regular basis.  As with environmental walkthroughs, you may perform safety walkthroughs on the entire facility or in specific areas, as needed.

Routinely conducting safety walkthrough inspections can validate the high-level compliance status of the site.  As such, the activity can help boost plant managers’ and EHS personnel’s confidence in the facility’s safety compliance.

Additionally, the simplicity of safety walkthrough inspections easily makes them suitable for an EHS committee activity.  EHS committee or even individual employee involvement in the process provides an opportunity to enrich the facility’s safety culture.

Nevertheless, safety walkthrough inspections do have some shortcomings.  Primarily, these walkthroughs do not allow for an examination of all safety regulatory requirements.

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