Homemade Greek Seasoning

Homemade Greek Seasoning


When cooking quick and easy meals, one of the easiest ways to up the flavor without upping the effort is to use a flavorful seasoning blend.  Unfortunately, so many seasoning blends are not gluten-free.  When I realized gluten was hiding in my seasoning blends, I freaked.  But soon I realized I could make my own super easily with minimal effort.  And now I share with you my super-simple recipe for gluten-free homemade Greek seasoning!

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So what’s the deal with spices and gluten?

While individual spices (you know, single spices like paprika or dried herbs like parsley) are naturally gluten-free, many become cross-contaminated with gluten during the manufacturing process.  This is due to processing on equipment shared with gluten-containing items.  Honestly—we’ve had black pepper that states a “manufactured on equipment with wheat.” ugh.

Want to know more about gluten cross-contamination?  Click here!

In addition, seasoning blends often use gluten-containing ingredients (such as wheat flour) as a binder or a thickener in their blend.

What spices and seasonings are gluten-free?

Many companies have gluten-free claims on their ingredients and seasoning blends including, but not limited to:

  • Badia Seasonings (individual spices & seasoning blends)—these are actually certified gluten-free, so there’s an extra level of safety & comfort here!  They also are very cost-effective and can be purchased on Amazon or in your neighborhood grocery store.
    –> Do you want to know more about what gluten-free certification means?  Click here!
  • McCormick (individual spices, some seasoning blends marked ‘gluten-free’)—While McCormick’s individual spices are gluten-free, the majority of their seasoning mixes CONTAIN GLUTEN!  Look for the packets labeled “gluten-free.”
  • Penzeys Spices (individual spices & seasoning blends)—Penzy’s spices are high quality and they have so many creative and interesting spice blends.  Penzy’s spices can be purchased on Amazon, at Penzy’s retail stores, and their website

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