Be a Boss Motherhood and Blogging

How to Boss Motherhood and Blogging!

Does this ever sound familiar Motherhood and Blogging?

Your little one is FINALLY napping after what seemed like a month of rocking and hushing and cuddling and shushing.

You managed to slip her down and break free of that trapped arm under her and YAHOO! Freedom baby!

Right, this is it, blogging time! 

Radio is on and the rain is hitting your office window. This is it.

“Shit, wait, there is still laundry to do”. 

“I can’t put working out off again…”

“When should I get dinner in…”


I have seen so many of you feel like this on a daily basis as a Mother and Blogger.

My question to you is, how do you find the time to get everything done and still boss your blog?

Do you feel like your time is totally squished?

Do you feel like your balance is totally off?

If your answer is yes to any of that, I have a few secrets to share with you.

I have some truly beautiful blogging formulas which will skyrocket your routine as a Mother and Blogger.


Blogging is your job.

I’m going to start out nice and easy.

In order to make money from anything in life. You must put a lot of work into it.

There are an incredible amount of deceitful bloggers out there who will tell you blogging is overnight, or easy, or is a quick fix.

If you worked out in an office job, you’d be working what, 30 odd hours? There is no difference because you are at home.

You must be strict with yourself if you really want this. 

I know it is so difficult when you are already home to temporarily ignore housework and such, but you must!corinne-kutz-211251-unsplash

Plan your week!

Okay, no one will know more than me that with children around things don’t always go to plan! This is okay!

However, to continually grow and nourish our blogs we must look at them as work and know when we are going to sit down and write and what we are writing about.

Pro-actively plan your week. 

For many Mothers, while toddlers are at their nursery during the mornings and big kids are at school, this is a perfect time to get stuck in.

For those with very young children or babies, hire a Nanny! I’m not saying to go crazy with help until your pockets have holes in them. I’m saying there is no big deal of hiring someone you trust for a few hours in the morning and the return you will have is monumental!

If you are really opposed to the idea of hiring a Nanny, ask friends, neighbours, other Mothers and Grandparents are always a win-win situation!


Voice record your ideas

Perhaps you are in the car on your way to pick up the kids or watching them at the park and suddenly it hits you!

The perfect blog post idea.

How do you remember this until you can post?

Sometimes when we are super busy we have no time whatsoever to scribble ideas down and often we can not read what we were thinking!

Download an app, use your phone’s voice recorder, buy a recorder on amazon. 

Or even call your phone and leave yourself a message!


Super easy time management tips


Don’t allow social media to distract you.

Once your blog is up and running, you will certainly be looking at social media less and less.

It’s one of the easiest things to do. Sitting typing a blog and perhaps you hear an advert for a children’s product over the radio and you go to check it out. Hey, It’ll only take 5 minutes, right?  And since our worlds are bombarded with ads, this only snowballs and trust me you will be sucked in for way more than 5 minutes.

So, how do I keep myself away from social media during work hours?

Think of it this way. Each time you get distracted is less time where you will be making money. Using social media NOT for business is a waste of time and is totally irrelevant to what you are doing.

Only use social media when you are “off”. Scroll the web for fun things when you are not supposed to be blogging!



Think of blogging as ‘me’ time

Honestly, I love blogging. I have always been a writer and was an avid storyteller as a child!

My grandfather used to call me little miss chatty Cathy and I understand where he was coming from now!

Even more so when you are a Mother, it will be extremely refreshing to jump out of child land for a while and drive into making a change. Not just for you, but for your readers, of course!

You are really cultivating your mind when blogging and that is so amazing for you as a Mother. 


Never, Ever feel Guilty!

I know an abundant amount of Mothers who feel so incredibly guilty when they have to focus on working at home and suddenly their little one bursts into the room wanting attention.

They can’t spend proper time with their child at that moment and this can be upsetting for Mothers. I get it. But do you know what?

What you are doing right now is amazing and is profiting your children’s futures and not just yours.

Each time you feel guilty, feel yourself swaying, or perhaps you get swayed by social media.


Balanced time into your blog is the best thing for your family.

Do it for them as well as yourself.


Set aside time just for you.

I am the biggest advocate of this!

To really grow as a blogger and a Mother there is every reason why you should be able to have time for yourself!

In order to work at our best, we all need time to recharge and gain our strength back.

This does not need to be a lot of time. Even a small 10 minutes outside helps.

Have friends or a Nanny to look after your child for even an hour and let you go do something just for you.

If you are struggling for ideas check out my list that I have seen makes such a wonderful impact on Mothers!

        • Take a walk outside and pop some headphones in
        • Take your baby to a class and make some Mama friends
        • Read self-care blogs
        • Go for a Swim
        • Take up running
        • Try a yoga class
        • Bubble bath. Candles. Incense. Say no more!
        • Face mask night. Oooh yeah!
        • Hire a babysitter and have a date night with your partner
        • Ask grandparents to watch the kids and get a girly night
        • Take up weightlifting


Finding balance

It is so easy while you find your blogging feet to become a bit lost!

Have you ever struggled to work out when you should be doing what?

It happens to all of us, trust me!

What you must do is ensure you are finding the correct amount of balance.

We cannot just start blogs, have children and expect things to fall into place!

It takes back work, just like your blog.

You have to know exactly when you are going to be blogging, and when you are going to be spending time with your family. It is super important that both areas don’t entwine as then, both parties won’t have enough attention!

Make a plan in place to that when you spent time with your child, you are there. 

And when you write your blog, you are there.

I know, it’s not easy!

If you are serious about this, you must make a plan to ensure both are separate and stick to this. Whatever it takes. Hiring a Nanny, asking friends to help, looking for childcare clubs.

Don’t be afraid to spend money as it will take you spending money to make money!

The more you get structured and input into your work now, the more success you will have in the future and the less time you will feel like a little birdy finding its feet!


Spent time with your partner

When I say this, I don’t mean pack up and take a long spa weekend away, we can also do really small things to balance our blogs and love life. Although, if you go for a spa weekend let me know and I will smuggle myself in your suitcase, haha!

Our love life is all part of balancing our blogging life.


So many of you worry that if you put a lot of time into one area in your life then the others will be left unattended or ignored.

I promise you if you follow my steps this won’t happen!

Let everyone know what is going to happen week to week.

Let them know when you will be working and when you will be spending time with family.

Always do what’s best for you!

jessica-rockowitz-1145863-unsplash (1).jpg


If any of you are interested in working with me or taking a course with me to totally and utterly boss your Blogging AND motherhood, please let me know below!

If you feel like reading any more of my posts please feel free to pop over to my blog to read more of my blogging/ Motherhood tips and tricks!

In the meantime have a beautiful day and please do let me know what you thought of my post!

Nanny M x


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