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How to Make Money Blogging

If we’re being 100% honest, making money is the main reason most of us ventured into blogging in the first place.  I also love educating my readers. But the fact I earn a little something form the blog keeps me motivated to find topics that can make you happy.

So let me answer your question right away.

If your blog is getting 10,000+ unique visitors each month, then yes. You can quickly and easily monetize your blog and create a nice income source with it.

“If you’d like to learn how to drive traffic to your new blog, check out this post.

The real challenge when it comes to making money blogging is creating a revenue stream from a site generating less than 1,000 visitors a day.

And truth be told: it will take some time to build an income from your blog. I’d not like to give you false hopes. Regardless of what you’ve read on different sites, no true success has ever happened overnight. And if there has been such a case, I’ve not yet heard of it.

That said, there are several ways to monetize your blog once it starts generating sufficient traffic.

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling your services
  • Selling personal, physical, or digital products
  • Advertising
  • Sponsorships

Let us take a look at all these means in detail.

1. Affiliate Marketing

How to make money blogging

Even though it may sound like a new marketing strategy, affiliate marketing is as old as the internet itself. It basically means that you earn a commission every time someone online buys a product or service based on your recommendation.

By definition, Affiliate marketing is, “The process of earning a commission through promoting other company’s or people’s products.

The first step is finding a nice product/service you like, promoting it on your blog site, then, in the end, earning a small portion from each successful sale.

To protect your readers, only be an affiliate for products you have used on your blog site. I, for instance only promote products I am using or have used in the past, including StudioPress WordPress themesBluehost, and ConvertKit.

2. Selling Products

How to make money blogging

Most bloggers start out with making money from Affiliate marketing. However, with time, most of them diversify and start selling their own physical and digital products. Overall, products take quite some work and time to create, but they are generally a more lucrative channel for revenue.

This method is further divided into 2 categories;

  • Digital products

Digital products take different forms including, reports, software, courses, eBooks, and much more. Overall, E-books are the fastest growing digital products online with more than $18 billion in sales in 2018. Selling an online course is the next big thing, as the industry is expect to grow extensively from 2018 to 2020.

If you would like to advertise your products through your blog but sell them through an established marketplace like Amazon, go for it.

I intend to launch several e-books this year, so wish me 😉

  • Physical products

Beside digital products, you could also look into selling real products through your site. Physical products could be anything from posters to t-shirts, or even a health supplement you invented.

To start selling physical products online, you’ll need to invest some money and time, but rest assured that you’ll also make a little bit more compared to selling digital products.

3. Sell services

How to make money blogging

Another attractive approach most bloggers (me included) avail to make cash while blogging is offering different services to their readers. This can be anything from consulting or counseling to designing or writing.

I am a big fan of writing for other publications, and I’ve landed multiple premium clients this way. If what you’re writing about is a topic you’re an expert at, then I urge you to try out this approach. Your blog will act as a portfolio so you won’t need to stress about proving yourself.

4. Making money from Ads

How to make money blogging

This is the easiest and most basic way to monetize your blog. In fact, most, if not all bloggers created their sites with this goal at the beginning as it was the easiest. If you’re not familiar with this money making craft, allow me to explain.

Making money from Ads is simply letting other businesses advertise their products on your site. If you visit any blog post on my site (, you’ll realize that I’ve placed two Ads at the right sidebar.

I have also placed them in a way that does not affect your experience as you scroll through my site. This is something you’ll also need to consider if you intend to make money from selling advertisement space.

Other things you’ll need to consider if you want to make money from Ads is your blog’s stability, design, and amount of traffic. Without this stuff, do not expect to make a good amount from Ads. The good news is, you can always reach out to me for a recommendation or advise if you feel stuck.

With that explanation in mind, the most effective way to make money from Ads is still Google AdSense. If you’re getting, let’s say, 1000 unique visitors every day, then you can easily expect to make up to $200 or $300 dollars a month. But you’ll need to place your Ads in a way that encourages your readers to click. After all, more clicks = more money.

If you do not know how to create an AdSense account, you can easily find a video explaining how on YouTube. But if you still find it confusing, simply send me an E-mail and I’ll help you out.

Another option when it comes to making money from Ads is using Banner Ads. Depending on your blog Niche, you can start selling Ad space directly to businesses who would like to advertise to your readers. This takes out the middle man (Google AdSense), but it also means you’ll need to negotiate the rates with the business yourself.

If you would like to avoid all that stress, just use Google AdSense instead.

5. Sponsored Posts

How to make money blogging

In addition to selling Ads, you can also start offering sponsored reviews once your site garners sufficient traffic. This is whereby a business pays you to write and post about its products/services on your blog site.

But just like affiliate marketing, ensure you only advertise products that will be beneficial to your readers. This way, it will be a win-win situation. However, if you decide to pick just any product simply because the business is paying you a handsome amount, then expect to lose some, if not all of your hard-earned readers because they won’t trust you anymore.

A good way to check whether the product/service will be good for your readers is to ask for a trial period or some exclusive insight into it. This way, you’ll also be able to craft an honest, compelling review.

That’s it for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed this guide to monetizing your blog site. There are lots of other ways to make money from a blog, but the ones I’ve shared are just the most popular. Just start with those until you get the hang of things then you can try out other ways.


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