How To Relax

How To Relax

Hundreds of thousands of strands of gorgeous locks of hair are being lost from beautiful heads of hair right now.

People are literally balding all over the place (article).

All in the name of stress.

I’m serious.

Other people are gaining wrinkles and gray hairs because of the same thing (article).

Man, stress will fuck you up.

(I know. Not exactly rainbows and butterflies, but I just had to talk about that before we move on because I was researching statistics and this stuff came up and I was like, what?! There’s proof to this? I’d always intuitively known, but until now, I hadn’t read research showing it. So I had to mention it.)

Anyway, learning how to relax is vitally important within life, and not just to avoid accelerated aging, but for a hundred other reasons too.

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