Ideal Pinterest Image Size 2018

Ideal Pinterest Image Size 2018

Ideal Pinterest Image Size 2018

Recently we opened up the main page of Bloggers Traffic Community so our members can share one post a week from their websites. Which has turned out to be quite popular, but has revealed that a lot of people still need a little help when it comes to making proper images for Pinterest. So here is the Ideal Pinterest size.

So today I am going to be talking about Pinterest and proper image sizes. Currently, and according to Pinterest itself, the ideal size is 600 x 900. Which is a 2:3 ratio. 600 x 900 is the largest size you can make with a 2:3 ratio that Pinterest will not crop in your feed. When it gets cropped it does not look as good or as it was intended.

In addition, Pinterest has clearly stated that its algorithm favors pins with a 2-3 ratio. In the past larger pins where they lay of the land on Pinterest. The larger pins generally did better than their smaller counterparts. With the algorithm change the 600 x 900 images size is now the largest size make that Pinterest’s algorithm favors.

So if larger pins do generally better and with Pinterest algorithm favoring the 2:3 aspect ratio. The ideal size becomes 600 x 900 because it’s the largest 2:3 aspect ratio size you can make without the image being cropped in Pinterest’s feed.

So, if you have no other concerns the images you make that are for Pinterest should always be Ideally 600 x 900. If you have the need for smaller images it should still be in the 2:3 aspect ratio. Why? Because it’s what Pinterest own algorithm favors.

So with all things being equal, you should always be making your pins for Pinterest in the 2:3 aspect ratio but that does not mean you can’t use other sizes. It just means that they won’t be ideal and might struggle to gain momentum.



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