Mango Lassi Recipe

Mango Lassi Recipe

Mango Lassi  is a very popular Indian drink, made from the king of fruits i.e. lassi is a combination of yogurt, sugar, and mango, normally this drink is had during the summer season, Be it north or south lassi is a very popular drink in India as the summer remains a dominant season most part of a year and also Lassi is affordable, cool, soda – free, easily available as seasonal drink, plain lassi is readily available all around the year. And depending on the season and the available fruit the variations are found i.e. mango, kiwi, banana, papaya, sitaphal (custard apple), pineapple and strawberry etc…

Mango Lassi Recipe: HEALTH BENEFITS:

Since it is made out of yogurt or more locally called as dahi originated from the Land of Punjab, lassi has many benefits health wise it helps in the digestive system, it contains a bacterium called Lactobacilli, which helps lubricate the intestines and improve the digestive process. As a whole, it is a healthy and beneficial drink. It’s also very good for who have gastric problems as it made from yogurt/dahi as yogurt/dahi naturally helps them.

 Mango Lassi

Some of the important health benefits from lassi are: prevents bloating, helps in digestion, as it is rich in vitamin d and lactic acid it helps in building the immune system, help in improving our bone health, and overall improves our health of gut as its a very good source of probiotics.

Lassi can be had with the food as an accompaniment or as a dessert after the food, both ways it goes well as a combination especially when one is having spicy food. Preparing Mango Lassi is very easy and with very fewer ingredients as much as possible.

Mango lassi is slowly gaining popularity/acceptance world over. It can be made sugar free also as mango is naturally sweet especially for diabetic patients, it is widely available in many countries.

Mango Lassi Recipe: Ingredients 

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