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New Member Post Submission To Main Site

Today I proud to announce another feature I am adding to the Bloggers Traffic Community.

Starting today all members will be able to submit one post a week to the main page of Blogger Traffic Community. (For you don’t know our main web page is here 🙁https://bloggerstrafficcommunity.com/)

Any Post submitted will appear under Member Sites Tab on Main Nav Menu.

The reason why I am doing this is two-fold. One is that one of the most important things how Google ranks pages is how many backlinks does the page have? A backlink is simply a link to your page that does not appear on your website. So this a way of adding a backlink to all members that want to take a time to submit their postings.

The second reason is that it will give you some more exposure from people visiting the main website of the BTC. We are starting to grow now and I spend a lot of my time promoting BTC and we are just starting to see the fruits of that labor.

The posts themselves will only be roughly the first paragraph of your actual post. After that it the visitor will be directed to your site to see the rest of your post. I am asking you submit your whole post however so I make the excerpt of the posting look good on the page.[AdSense-A]

Each page should be submitted with Featured Image. That image should be 600×900 in size. That way I (and others) can Pin it easily. The image will clickable link itself that leads to your website. I will Pin the image on Pinterest in the appropriate board. The link in the Pin will lead to your website not back to the BTC.

If you have any questions feel to ask below.

Here is the Link to Submit your post to https://bloggerstrafficcommunity.com/members-submit-page/

Thanks to all for being part of the community

(Note this is separate from Share you Lastest Post Topic that’s within the Community. That operates as normal)

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