Oil Pulling Benefits

Oil Pulling Benefits

Oil pulling benefits oral hygiene, but other parts of the body see an improvement too. It’s a simple Ayurvedic practice where you gargle with oil three times a day. It’s called pulling because you need to pull it through your teeth. There are a few theories on the way that oil pulling works. Some say that the movement massages and stimulates the sublingual muscles to excrete toxins stored up in the body. Others say that the production of saliva is the catalyst for the body to excrete toxins.

Oil Pulling Benefits
I came across this charming albeit uninformative video about oil pulling, and it got me curious. I’d never heard of oil pulling so after a little research, I found opinions split about 50/50 whether it is effective at all. The type of oil is also something to keep in mind. Sunflower and sesame seed are the recommended oils to use. Cold pressed oils are the highly desirable, refined oils are required.

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