Pinterest Mistakes Account in Danger?

Is Your Pinterest Account in Danger because of these mistakes?

Are you doing these Pinterest Mistakes that put your Account in Danger? Pinterest has been tagging a lot of accounts as spam lately and banning them. Most of them are warranted. However, some people get marked as spam because they don’t follow some basic best practices. Avoid these Pinterest Mistakes to keep your account safe!  

Pinterest Mistakes number one 

Don’t Pin all your Pins at once! This includes yours and others. Doing a lot at any one time can possibly trigger Pinterest’s algorithm. Spread your Pins and other people pins throughout the day.  Try to do only 5-8 pin in any one sitting. Re-pining is incredibly fast to do so spreading them out throughout the day should not be a problem for anyone.

Pinterest Mistakes number two

Not pining your pins and other people pins to relevant boards. Pins that are not appropriate boards can and will get marked as spam. Always, and I mean always, pin to relevant boards! The person who pins to any board is the person who will get flagged. So this applies to not only your pins but others as well!

Pinterest Mistakes number three

Not making enough pins for every blog posting. Pins can have a similar style but not have a similar look. They need to have different colors and be aesthetically different from each other. For example. Here are some pins I made for the blog posting Top 5 Blogging Tools 2019

As you see they are all different from each other even if they share a common style.

Are you making these Pinterest Mistakes that could get your banned?

Pinterest Mistake number 4

Always wait 14 days at least before repining any Pin to the same board. I wait 30 days myself. 14 days, however, is a safe number that Tailwind recommends at least. The more pins you have the easier is this is to follow.

Pinterest Mistakes Number 5

Pinning the same Pin over and over even if it’s too different boards. Tailwind recommends waiting at least 3 days before repining any pin to different boards. I personally wait 6-7 days to be safe. Again the more pins you have the easier this is to follow.

Sidenote: Tailwind has a smart loop feature that works great for avoiding mistakes 4&5

While is it’s impossible to tell you how to avoid being marked as spam by Pinterest, because Pinterest does not clearly define how they detect spam (On purpose) This general guideline will greatly help you avoid being marked as spam by Pinterest.


17 thoughts on “Pinterest Mistakes Account in Danger?”

  1. Thank you for this! I admit that I need to work a bit better at avoiding a few of these mistakes myself. This post makes it easy to see what I can do better all in one place. Love it!

  2. Thanks for this, Keith. Still learning the ropes, and this is very useful info for noobs like me. I’m now doing the SmartLoop thing and trying to avoid too much “compressed” repinning. So far so good!

  3. This is a really a helpful post for bloggers using pinterest. Pinterest used to be good but then they started blocking people accounts because of simple mistakes like Pinning same pin to different boards, Users, need to know some of these tips to avoid losing their accounts.

  4. Personally how many pins do you create for each blog post? I make one initially and then later go back and create more when I have time. Some of my posts have 4 and some only have 2.

    – Nyxie

  5. Eeek. This is super helpful since I often make many of these mistakes. I was wondering why my Pinterest views decreased.

  6. These are great tips! I’m still getting a handle on Pinterest as it relates to my blog, and I’m positive I did a couple of things (probably all of them) on this list before starting to learn more about how Pinterest works. Thank you!

  7. I had an account banned for “spam” by making these rookie mistakes. Support couldn’t or didn’t want to help me and it was just gone, along with the entire URL being listed as spam. So it’s in your best interest to follow the rules as the hit is insane.

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