Robust Personal Risk Assessment in 4 Powerful Acts

Robust Personal Risk Assessment 4 Acts

Robust Personal Risk Assessment in 4 Powerful Acts

Safety behavior strongly influences the potential for an employee to become injured while completing an assigned task.  Besides that, only when workers stay aware of possible safety hazards on a daily basis can they truly mitigate the risks.  As such,  robust personal risk assessment serves as one way of promoting increased daily safety awareness.

Personal risk assessment benefits workers by allowing them the opportunity to actively evaluate the work area immediately before beginning a task.  Moreover, the assessment is informal and relatively simple, taking only minutes to complete.  However, those minutes could make the difference between safe task completion and injury.

Employees only need to perform 4 acts for an effective personal risk assessment.  Furthermore, we’ll cover each one in some detail throughout the remainder of this post. 

Act 1: Physically & mentally come to a complete STOP

With the current speed of our everyday lives, we pride ourselves on our ability to multitask.  Nevertheless, a  robust personal risk assessment requires the utmost, undivided attention.  Thus, all other activities must come to a complete stop in order to begin the assessment. 

In the later steps of the evaluation, employees will be looking at potential injury-causing details in the work area.  These may include hazards workers have seen on numerous occasions but not noticed.  As such, this important first act of a Robust personal risk assessment allows employees to adjust their focus strictly to the assessment at hand.

In addition, the following best practices should be employed when completing Act 1 of a personal risk assessment:

  • Come to a complete stop (i.e. no walking, driving, talking, etc.)
  • Put away your cell phone
  • Take a deep breath to clear & focus your mind before proceeding



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Act 2: Actively SCAN the work area to identify hazards

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