How to set your youtube videos for success

Set up your Youtube videos for success

So you want to be a successful YouTuber? Have your very own Youtube channel with a large following? Today we are going to talk about what is going to take for that happen. The basic things you are going to need to do to grow your youtube channel the right way. Set up your Youtube videos for success.


The very first thing you are going to need is Perseverance! It’s going to be a battle, and it’s going to take some time. Success will be slow and often unnoticeable. However, If you put in the real work, you will get where you want to go. After that, you are going to want to start by doing things correctly. That begins with your videos are uploaded correctly.

Step one: Picking your Keyword Phrase

Your keyword phrase is what your video is about! Also known as your primary Keyword phrase or Focus Keyword

For example: In this video below. Our Keyword phrase is “all-new amazon echo (3rd generation) smart speaker with Alexa” This the search term we want to rank for when people do searches on youtube.

The key is whatever keyword phrase is. You need to place the exact phrase in the title of your video. In the example below, the title of the video matches our keyword phrase.

Now we could have made added words to the title we just opted not to in this case. You want your keyword phrase to appear in your title.

Your Keyword phrase is a crucial element for setting your youtube videos up for success.

This video is number one for the keyphrase we selected. ( Go to youtube and type in “all-new amazon echo (3rd generation) smart speaker with Alexa: our video will be number one.)

Step two: Title size

It would be best if you keep your titles under the 100 character limit. Titles that are longer than 100 characters do not show up in searches correctly. In our example about we use 61 characters. So keep that in mind when you are making your titles for your videos.

Step three: Video Description

  1. Your keyword phrase (or your title) must appear in the first paragraph in your description.
  2. Your description must be at least 500 characters but less than 5000
  3. Have three prominent #Hashtags
  4. Have at least one outbound link
  5. If your video is long, it should have timestamps.

If you go to our video example above, you can see that our first paragraph contains our focus keyword phrase “all-new amazon echo (3rd generation) smart speaker with Alexa”. Then just some short filler that you can also and related search terms relevant to your video.

Our total character count is 1027. Leaving you with more than enough room to describe what your video is all about.

At the very end of our description, we have included three main hashtags! (#amazonecho #smartspeaker #Alexa) You should choose there best ones that fit your video (Hint: See what popular videos on the topic your posting about are using)

To get our outbound links, we used an affiliate link and linked it to our social profiles.

As you can see, we have not included any timestamps in this particular video, but only because this video is only 4:21 long. We strongly recommend you use timestamps if your video is long or has different sections.

To find out how to use timestamps, here is a great video here.

This video is by a gentleman named Mike Sytes, an upcoming Youtuber. An Outstanding gentleman, and you all should go ahead and drop him a subscription. His channel will be huge in a couple of years. He is that good! Just tell him the Aliens sent you!

Now let’s talk about Tags!

Step Four: Tags

Tags are keywords and phrases that you place in the tag section when you upload a video. Not to be confused with hashtags, which are entirely different. When enting tags, you do not use the # sign. (you also can add and edit them in youtube studio after you upload)

Your keywords Tags should be no more the 500 characters and be relevant to your video’s topic. To add Tags, log into Youtube Studio and select the video you wish to edit and add them in the Tag section. Seen here

video tages

Using our example, we have included a lot of search terms relevant to our video, and the first tag we used was our keyword phrase. Be sure always to add that one first.

You need to add 400 characters worth of relevant tags.

Step five: Thumbnail

Have an engaging thumbnail. Make sure its something that stands out. We recommend making the text as big as possible and limiting it to four words, if possible!

Conclusion Setting your Youtube video up for success

If you follow all these steps, your Youtube videos will be set up for success, even if it does not take off right away. Most videos will grow as you grow, and following these rules will allow your videos the best chance for that to happen. This video we used as an example debuted at #32 for its key phrase. Three months later, it #number one for our Keyword phrase.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I don’t have youtube videos but this post was very helpful in understanding how you can set yourself for success with You Tube

  2. I just started uploading videos onto Youtube a few months ago and I’m not an expert at it. Thank you for sharing all these tips!

  3. I’ve been struggling with how to get my own youtube channel up and running! This has been really helpful! thanks

  4. This is great! While I don’t have a youtube channel, these tips were very interesting to read and definitely have some overlap for other platforms, so they’re good to keep in mind.

  5. I just set up my YouTube page yesterday and added a couple of videos. The Military Traveler. I tried using as many of your suggestions as possible. Thanks.

  6. Thanks for the useful tips for youtube channel. It will help to rank your videos in youtube. Putting best tags and eye catching thumbnails attracts more viewers.

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