Six Things to do in Chambery

Six Things to do in Chambery

Having lived in the Haute Savoie region for over ten years I thought it was high time to visit Chambery the capital of the Savoie region. I enjoyed my day of discovery and have created Six Things to do in Chambery which I enjoyed on my day trip!
Chambery has been the historical capital since the 13th Century when Amadeus V, Count of Savoy, made the city his seat of power. The city has a population of around 60,000 and is situated in a wide valley between the Massif des Bauges and the Chartreuse Mountains on the Leysse River. Just to the north of Chambery is Lac Bourget the deepest lake in France and the largest. Chambery is an attractive and lively town with an interesting history, wonderful old town and many landmarks to visit. Not to mention a good selection of restaurants and cafes.

The six things to do in Chambery that I chose to do on my day trip were:

1. Walk around the ancient town

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