What does it take to be a successful blogger?

What does it take to be a successful blogger?

What does it take to be a successful blogger? I read a lot of articles about blogging, When I mean a lot, I really do mean a lot. I do so much reading that it prevents me from being productive at times. It is, however, is the nature of the beast. Still after all that reading, while I am more knowledgeable than I have ever been, nothing I have ever read has come out right and said. This is what it takes to be a successful blogger. So that’s what I want to talk about today. What does it take to be a successful blogger?

What does it take to be a successful blogger: Be Honest with yourself.

This first step would seem like an obvious one but like my grandmother told me when I was young. “The lies we tell ourselves are the one that hurt us the most” If you have aspirations that your blog will support you someday don’t try to convince yourself you be happy just making a couple of dollars here or there. You’re just setting yourself up for major disappointment. The very fact that your reading this, the odds are your dreaming big. Which there is nothing with. Just realize that those dreams don’t come easy.

What does to take to be a successful blogger: Failure is to be expected!

Although my first web business was a company called American Techpushers. At first, we started out selling laptops and then when we moved on to smaller electronic items. It was a basic web store. It existed from 2003-2008. Sure it was modestly successful it always made money, just not enough to be sustainable.  All that remains of it today is an obscure mention on a forum website about headphones. You can see it here

The business as a whole it failed. I learned so much from the experience, it laid the foundation for later success. From web building to hosting and credit card fraud. Those lessons are the building blocks for whatever success I have on the internet going forward. Yes, the project failed but the failures of yesterday still drive my success today albeit with one particular sacrifice.

What does it to be a successful blogger: Success comes at a price

Like everything in life any blogging success is going to have some negative effects. The major sacrifice that your free time will evaporate, it will be almost nonexistent. Blogging takes a lot of work if you’re looking to make money at it. Three percent of your time will be spent writing. The rest will be spent marketing your blog or working on technical obstacles that seem parlay when you start to have success. So to be blunt most of your time will be spent trying to figure out things you don’t have the answer to. I spend 6 hours working on my various web projects. There are many days that I accomplish nothing. That is the reality.


So to be a successful blogger, you have to honest with yourself about what your goals actually are and accept that failure is going to happen but you will learn from it.  But most importantly to really achieve those lofty goals of supporting yourself you will have to grind it out. Success is measured in inches, not miles when it comes to blogging. One step forward two steps back as they say.  


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