Top 10 Blogging KPIs

Ten Blogging KPIs You Should Be Tracking

(KPIs) Key Performance Indicators are measurements you can use to determine how well your blog is doing. It’s hard to be a successful blogger without using and understanding KPIs.  With the help of these ten blogging KPIs, you’ll be able to better understand your blog traffic, content and your audience. You can use this information to create a strategy for future blog content and promotion. Here are the Ten Blogging KPIs you should be tracking

Ten Blogging KPIs

  1.  Post Engagement. Which posts are most popular with your audience? But, go one step further and look beyond the surface. Numbers can be deceiving, so don’t rely on the post with the most views. Look for the lowest bounce rate and the most comments.
  2. Number Of Posts Published. This is important for overall site performance, tracking progress, etc. You should aim for 1-2 posts per week.
  3. Top Viewed Post. Look a little deeper into the types of social media promo you used for this post and where the traffic was coming from. The quality and content of the post, the average bounce rate, and time of publication are also metrics to be measured. You can use the information you collect as a guide for future blog post ideas.
  4. The number Of Quality Inbound Links. This is so important because it tells Google that you have a quality blog working linking to. Others find value in your blog, enough to link to you.
  5. Social Media Shares. It’s important to understand how your content is performing on social media if you are using social as a source of site promotion. Your content might do well on Twitter, but not on Facebook. Or a certain type of post might be really working for you, while the others are just a waste of your time. Knowing what works and what doesn’t can help you create a more effective social media marketing strategy.
  6. Blog Subscribers. We love blog traffic, but what’s an even better way to measure your blog’s success? Subscribers!
  7. Original Traffic Source. Where are your leads coming from? Search engines? Email campaigns? Paid Search? Social media?
  8. RSS Subscribers. How many of your viewers have subscribed to your RSS feed? And, better yet how many are actively checking out your site on a regular basis because of it.
  9. Newsletter Or Email Subscribers. With so many ways to subscribe to your content, it’s important to keep track of it all. An email subscriber, if done right, gets it all- your newsletter, weekly blog updates, freebies and more. If your numbers are low, take a look at why. Maybe you’re a new site with low traffic, or maybe you need to explore different Call To Action strategies.
  10. Returning Visitors. Lots of traffic is great, but when people return to your blog over and over again, that is a great indicator of success.


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    Another great piece, thanks so much for the great info that I can put to work immediately! Pinning too 🙂

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