The Long Road Home: Why You Need a Hiking Stick

The Long Road Home: Why You Need a Hiking Stick

How To Turn Uncharted Nature Hikes Into Enjoyable Outings
The Long Road Home: Why You Need a Hiking Stick Travels with Bibi

Be prepared for the annual Take a Hike Day! Mark your calendar for November 17th and get out there! Be sure to take the long road home: Why you need a Hiking stick for your journey.

You just might be surprised at what you can find by looking under the canopy of a tree, or with a quick peek under a bush. Take A Hike Day is your chance to reconnect with the truly important things in life, the fresh air, blue sky, and deep rich earth underfoot.

Make no mistake though: a walk in the park is not a hike in the woods. The former is little more than a leisurely stroll through green grass in a government-sanctioned plot probably not far from your home. The latter, on the other hand, is all about throwing caution to the wind.

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Park the car, find the trails and get a little bit lost – in a good way, of course – in the process. This is the approach that I’ve found offers the most reward when it comes to having a fulfilling nature hike. However, it isn’t one to try to tackle without proper planning and tools at the ready.

Navigational Needs

The Long Road Home: Why You Need a Hiking Stick Travels with Bibi

For those familiar with vast tracts of land, as we are here in Texas, it’s easy to impress upon readers the need for navigational tools. For those who think they can find their way home on instinct alone, think again. The American Hiking Society says that a compass is the “most important piece of gear to help you find your way.” I would agree.

When combined with a map and adjusted for “true” and “magnetic” north, even the farthest hikes from camp can be accomplished with little concern about heading. It’s for this reason that having a hiking stick with a compass built into the handle or using a hand-held version can add confidence to any hiker with reservations about getting home before sundown.

Firm Footing

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