Things to Do During Your First Visit to Seoul

Things to Do During Your First Visit to Seoul

Things to Do During Your First Visit to Seoul

Seoul, South Korea. A city on the move, yet steeped in tradition. Beautiful, efficient, energetic, delicious, fascinating and much, much more. There aren’t enough words to describe how fun and cool Seoul is; but, I will most certainly try.

We spent about a week in Seoul on our way to Tokyo, as it’s always been on my must visit list. I’m a huge fan of Korean film, art, and culture, and it did not disappoint. The first thing I will mention is that we went in the beginning of September which was incredibly hot and I was basically a hot sausage waiting to burst at any second, so keep that in mind. Some people deal better with the heat and humidity, but we were sweating profusely the entire time. You’ll still enjoy Seoul regardless of the weather, there is air conditioning everywhere you go, but it can be a bit much when you’re walking around or taking the metro. Here are some things to do during your first visit to Seoul

 Photo:  BBC
Photo: BBC


There are plenty of amazing hotels in Seoul, it’s considered a luxury mecca across the globe. However, our first go-to is always Airbnb. It just feels nice to be in a space that at least pretends to give you the experience of being a local, even if it’s just a fridge or microwave in the room. We scored and were able to rent an absolutely perfect space in Yongsan-gu. This isn’t a particularly trendy area, but the high rise was connected to the main hub of Seoul Station, which made it the most convenient spot to be. The place was cozy and also in the building was a gym, convenience store and delicious little coffee shop. I would 100% rent this space again, plus the owners have 3 other units. It was hassle free and THE VIEW WAS INSANE.

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