This Slow Cooker Bean Chili Disappears Quickly!

This Slow Cooker Bean Chili Disappears Quickly!

As the weather cools off and the leaves begin to change, I start to think about making soup. I tend to prefer hearty, thick soups because they are more filling.

My mom always made a simple beef and bean chili that was thin, as far as chili goes. It also seemed to be overtaken by kidney beans, which I still don’t really care for.

As a result, I didn’t particularly like chili.

When I started developing our own family chili recipe, I knew I wanted it thick and hearty.

I had made a dried soup packet for chili before that I really enjoyed. I had never seen anything like it before, so I endeavored to replicate that final product using fresh, real products.

The dried packet version contained 3 different types of beans and rice. I had never seen rice in chili before, but it was amazing!

I played around with different versions for months before settling on the final product. Thicker…thinner…more beans…fewer beans…ground beef…ground turkey…different spices. The list went on and on.

All that experimenting paid off because, in the end, we had a delicious chili recipe that I loved. And even better, the whole family loves it!

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