The Top Blogging Mistakes

Top Five Blogging Mistakes

So you want to be a blogger? Well, let me give you a break from all those rose colored articles that you have been reading that make it seem like blogging is easy. The harsh truth about blogging is that it is anything but easy. Running and creating a blog is actually a pretty complex proposition with lots of moving parts. Here are the Top Five Blogging Mistakes to avoid. 

Blogging Mistake #1 Not thinking its an investment. 

The fact of the matter is that just like any other business. You are going to have to spend money to make money. If you think that you’re going to spend less hundred dollars and then suddenly you’re going to have a platform that’s capable of letting you quit your job, you are just kidding yourself. 

Just some of the things you are going to have to invest in are plugins, software, courses and services that you will need to help make your site grow. Here are some examples of things you should prepare yourself to make investments in.

1.Some sort of caching plugin to help optimize the speed of your website

2. Keyword search service like Keysearch to help find keywords that you can rank for in google.

3. Some sort of photo editing programs such as Photoshop or online editor like Canva 

4. Online courses that cover all the different aspects of blogging like SEO, for example. 

5. Paid social media advertisements. 

Money, however,  is not the only thing you’re going to have to invest in. 

Top Five Blogging Mistakes #2  Time investment

Growing a successful blog or website not only takes money, but it also takes up a considerable amount of your time. Thinking that you can build a successful blog only in your spare time is without question blogging mistake number two. 

The amount of success your blog will have will depend on how much time and effort you put into it. It’s so much more than writing an article once a week. Writing your article and posting it is the fun part. The work comes in when you actively trying to promote it across the various social media platforms like Pinterest.

Then when you writing or promoting your work, you are doing a lot of research by reading or taking courses on how to grow your blog more effectively and efficiently. 

Prepare yourself to spend a couple hours a day at least working on your blog if want to be successful. 

Top Five Blogging Mistakes #3 Bad Hosting 

The next mistake is one people spend 9 months being mad because they selected cheap hosting provider. 

You need to have good hosting if you’re going to try to build a successful website. Your not getting that on 1.99 a month. You need to your site not only be up all the time. You need it to be on the latest hardware. Good hosting companies are always upgrading their equipment.  

More importantly, you need one that has outstanding support when issues arise. Which they almost certainly will. You not getting that at 1.99 either.

I encourage you to do your research and ask around who is a reliable hosting provider. For my money I go with Siteground or Inmotion, You find these are the two most popular hosting companies bloggers recommend. 

For the record, this site is hosted on Inmotion 

Top Five Blogging Mistakes #4 Site speed

Site speed is one of the more common bloggers often overlook. Not only will lose visitors if your site to slow to load (especially on mobile devices ) it has a direct effect on your search engine rankings. It’s one of many factors that search engines use to rank your site. 

From the beginning, you need to optimize your site to load fast. The first step is to choose a good provider like Inmotion. The next part is to have a caching plugin to help get the help you fine tune your sites to load time. 

If you are not technically inclined I would strongly consider just paying someone to help you optimize your site. 

To Test your site speed go here GTMetirx 

Here is the latest speed test for Bloggers Traffic Community  See Results here

Here is our The Worlds Diner on the same server See Results here 

Here is Time to Go Traveling on the same server See Results here

Now the goal is not to try to perfect score (although I admit I do try to) it’s just making sure you’re getting good to excellent results. 

Top Five Blogging Mistakes #5 Giving Up!

I said at the beginning that blogging has lots of moving parts and that was most likely a vast understatement. Even if you do everything (which you won’t) It takes time to build a blog. It’s one brick at a time. Success doesn’t come overnight. It comes very slowly and sometimes you don’t even notice it!  

You’re going to make mistakes. Those mistakes will help you learn! The Bloggers here will help you avoid a lot of those mistakes but you’re still going to make some. You want some proof? My first blog is rather embarrassing all the mistakes I made. Here are the pitiful speed test results for this site  Painful to look at for me.

However, the three I listed above (including this site) have all gotten better and better as my skills continue to improve. Persistence is the defining factor in all successful people. Never give up!

Got questions? Come and find me in the community. I am there all the time. 



52 thoughts on “Top Five Blogging Mistakes”

  1. Great tips Keith, thanks for sharing! Still new to this blogging game so it’s all a bit trial and error. BTC has definitely helped so I’m very grateful.

  2. I certainly believe that a blog is all about time investment! I spend upwards of 10 hours blogging a day – and that’s not even including my upcoming podcasts! I may not even involve writing. Its creating graphics, promoting and paying it forward to others.

    Money is also a big one I hadn’t realised but is so worth it.

    1. Very nice points mentioned here. Many say that caching plugins are useful.
      But I had a very bad experience with 2 caching plugins I was using.
      I realised only recently that those plugins made my blog very slow! Damn! Took me months to realise why my website was slow. After I deleted those 2 caching plugins my blog has become very fast! Great article as always! I love your blog/community and great job you are doing for the bloggers out there!

  3. This article really hits the nail on the head! Blogging is a long term commitment & requires a lot of time, attention & willingness to learn… accepting your mistakes & moving on. Everyone who’s serious about blogging should read this article & join Bloggers Traffic Community!

  4. I totally agree with your sentiments, most bloggers don’t want to invest their time and money but they want to have an overnight success. It takes two to tangle, i.e. your commitment and money investment to succeed online as a blogger. Thanks for sharing these useful tips.

  5. This is so true! Blogging needs absolute commitment if one wants to succeed and make good money. I started blogging for fun (I didn’t know anything about blogging) and I made all these mistakes! The thing I did right after a while was using SiteGround. You are right about their services. Never heard of Immotion though! I have been looking for ways to improve my site speed so will check out GTMetrix. Giving up is however not in the cards for me LOL!

  6. These are very helpful tips, thanks for sharing them. I totally agree blogging needs commitment, and also patience. BTC has helped me grow my blog and I’m very happy and grateful to join Bloggers Traffic Community.

  7. This is an honest outlook that I wish any new blogger would read. Blogging is a commitment of both time and money. Technical side can’t be ignored either otherwise it catches up with you. Great post Keith!!! Thank you

  8. Yes, I really identify with what you’re saying here. It takes perseverance and above all, patience. So easy to give up too early.

  9. Nice article. I don’t think I fully realized how much work went into blogging until I started one. Now my biggest upcoming challenge is #5, not giving up on my dream of having a successful blog.

  10. This is so refreshing as most will tell you starting a blog is so easy! I read countless posts on starting a blog and none of them said that it was time-consuming and that it would be an investment. Blogging is not easy and just learning how to navigate wordpress alone took me months. Thanks for the tips on site speed. I am going to try that test and see how my site is performing. Great tips!!

  11. Great article Keith! You are so right that it takes a variety of skills and a serious commitment to have a successful blog. Thank you for writing such a thoughtful post.

    Just when I thought I had covered all the bases, a more experienced blogger advised me that I still had security holes and poor content delivery speed. It is certainly a continuing process to learn the business and to keep improving with the changes in technology.

  12. You are right about making sure you go with the right host and not go with the cheapest option. A lesson I learned the hard way. I loved reading this. Thank you!

  13. Great article and great advice for bloggers. I think there are too many “start a blog in 10 minutes” promotions when it’s SO much more than that! Another suggestion is to find a community of blogger you can join, like BTC or bloggers in your niche to help with post ideas, troubleshooting, course suggestions and more. Most importantly – NEVER give up!

  14. The main thing that I’ve learned over my 16 months of blogging at Travels with Bibi is that blogging is hard work! In the beginning, it wasn’t unusual for me to put in a second 8 hour day just working on my blog. It was exhausting! I’m such better at time management now since I’m faster at required tasks, but I still put in a good amount of time each day. Check out all my hard work and great travel related articles at

  15. I am definitely guilty of not treating it like an investment. If there is a free version of something I am going for it, if I have to pay I am a little more apprehensive. I need to start spending money to earn money.

  16. Great tips! I think a lot of people underestimate the time & money running a blog takes. I certainly did! While I was expecting to spend a lot of time writing content what I wasn’t expecting was the amount of time & energy I would need to put into promoting that content. Now I spend about 25% of my time writing new content & about 75% of my time promoting it. I think new bloggers can learn a lot from taking your advice!
    Karen @

  17. I completely agree with this article. When I first started blogging I knew that I would have to invest some money, but I had no idea how much time I would have to invest. It’s pretty much what I do all day.

    Site speed is also a big thing that I had no idea about until recently.

    Blogging definitely takes a lot of work…

  18. Great article and very valid points. Some articles and sites make it sound so easy to make so much money in a flash, it’s nice to read some “real”.

  19. Good article. I am so glad that Siteground was recommended to me. One less thing to worry about. Develop good habits and use the blogging community to learn and blogging is fun.

  20. Angela Greven | Mean Green Chef

    WOW! Great article here, blogging is a lot of work and certainly, more than any of us think going into this business venture. Your points on speed were noted and extremely helpful, thanks so much!! Pinning too 🙂

  21. All very good tips, Time is my problem. I start a blog, get going, then start another one, different niche and forget about the others 🙁 I gotta revisit them. Thanks for this.

  22. Giving up. MANY Bloggers think monetizing is a piece of cake. It takes a lot of work to make it. Being consistent is key. Many after getting into it, realize they can’t keep up with it.

  23. So Many People think “Blogging is a Passive Income”. It is such a false statement in 2019. It’s “Active Income”. You must be “Active ” to make it. I think some get into a mode “Build it and they will come” – Not so much the case in this day and age. Users don’t submit content anymore – Companies and their chatbots do.

  24. Thanks for the tips Keith! My biggest misconception when I started was how much money it would take to really get started. Especially with taking courses and buying training, which I needed badly! I think I’m doing pretty good with the rest, and definitely not giving up ever!

  25. Great tips! I think for me it was not realizing how much starting an actual blog would be. No one ever told me there were so many things you needed to pay for annually and monthly. I’m now up to close to $400 and I’m not even set up to make any money off of my blog yet. I think a lot of people are misguided into thinking it’s a small start up cost when in reality it’s expensive lol

  26. I am thankful for these tips. I have been blogging since March 2019 and my first blog website did ok but then I wasn’t able to invest time like needed so I decided to research on how to be successful at blogging and promoting them I rebranded my self and bought a new domain. I more satisfied with this new blog and giving it more time. So yes time is essential for growing your blog especially if you want to make it a business. BTC has also helped with my growth so thank you!

  27. You’re right when you say the writing is the fun part! Most times I’m so busy working on the other stuff that I don’t even get to the writing!

  28. I certainly just realised that blogging is not all about writing articles. The ‘selling your blog’ part can be frustrating at the beginning. Thank you for such an enlightening post.

  29. Very nice post . Since 3 days back I am trying to log in but, I couldn’t log in with 2 mails I have tried .It is telling first sign out , after that not getting to log in.I think I have tried to times to join here with different mail. So can’t log in. Please check and send me one perfect log in program .I am always log in with Linked in . It can log in but platform is not getting to open. I am trying it to contact via contact page but there also it is showing error. Couldn’ t sending message.

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