What Is In The Weight Loss Pack With Heart & Body Naturals?

Interested in the Weight Loss Pack with HBN? 

Do you want to lose weight, reduce some inflammation and belly bloat or just get some much needed natural energy?

Or all of the above?

Well, this pack may just be for you!

Read on to see my latest HBNaturals haul and see all the goodies that come within this pack.

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What Is In The Weight Loss Pack With Heart & Body Naturals?


Two packages of Vitalitea come in this pack, which is nice because I have to say this is one of my favorites with HBN. This is a loose-leaf tea that can be drunk hot or cold.

My personal preference is cold and has a very mild taste which allows for daily usage.

I mentioned this tea before here and can help in removing toxins, suppressing appetite, burn unwanted fat, reduce bloating, boost energy levels, reduce stress and support your immune system.

When I drink this tea I really feel lighter and don’t have to bother with that annoying belly bloat.


This is a whole food vitamin that I would rather not go without. It makes me feel so good throughout the day and can simply be thrown in smoothies, your morning cup of joe or with some milk.

It’s full of organic veggies, fruits, herbs, and nutrient dense sprouts. Yum!

Watch the video!



This is a weight management powder that has been clinically proven to flatten your belly, help you rid of toxins, speed up your metabolism and boost your immunity without strict dieting.

Since taking this I have lost some weight which is awesome, however, for me, it’s not about the weight loss but the slimmer feel I get when taking it (hence the name).

The Trilogy – Mind, Body & Soul

In this pack, you also receive samples of The Trilogy which are Ayurvedic Superfoods and I don’t lie when I say these truly make you feel great!

The Mind can help to maximize your brains performance, protect your brain against cognitive decline, support your body in deep and restful sleep and calm your mind and uplift your mood.

The Body can help boost stamina, increasing length in exercise and also improve sexual health. It can naturally increase nitric oxide levels, support circulation, and promote the reduction of arterial inflammation.

The Soul can help decrease pain by decreasing inflammation, assist with renewal and detoxifying of the liver, improve the mucosal lining of the gut and promote digestion and metabolism while soothing the stomach.

This pack is awesome and saves you just under $50 versus buying these products all separately. They work fantastically together but provides many benefits individually as well.

Since discovering this wonderful company I am a customer for life. I have personally experienced such amazing benefits and results from these products and this pack contains many of my faves which is a big deal for me.

To learn more about one or all of these products CLICK HERE and save 5% on your first order!

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Weight Loss Pack with Heart and Body Naturals


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