What Should your Blog Name Be?

What Should your Blog Name Be?

I asked the blogger community the dreaded newbie question ”  What Should your Blog name be? 

12 Bloggers share their reasons on how to come up with a Blog Name. Some share their stories on how they decided on naming their blog. These are very interesting ideas and thoughts. Initially, I used to have a lot of difficulties naming my blog. My first Blog was named on a star. I do not have that website anymore.

I lost it because I failed to renew it…

Now I name my blog based on my interests. This blog name just kind of popped into my head. I had actually started a YouTube channel by the name indianmomvlogs and decided to take that popularity ahead into the blogosphere. 

How important is blog a name?

While I never stressed too much about a blog name, I have known people who research like crazy for the perfect name. They brainstorm ideas for days if not months to come up with the perfect name. Me, I took like 5 minutes … but that is now. Previously it would take me months and I would get so exhausted that I would just drop the idea of even starting the blog. Don’t give up. Though it can be overwhelming, just do it ( as NIKE says).

As for what to name a blog and the method ..There is no right or wrong way..

Just stick to what works for you.

A blog name is important if you want to build a brand. You want people to remember you for you or your product… You can create a brand of you, your name or you can create a brand of a product ( like NIKE, Krya ).

Tip 1

If your blog name represents your product or niche, then people can associate with you very quickly. So when I look at names like the ones below, I know what they offer.

5asec Dry Cleaning & Laundry – I know they must be providing Laundry Service

Next Painting Works – duh. it’s for painting houses

Tip 2

Keep them short. Longer names are difficult to remember. Search engines display only a limited number of characters, if your url or website name itself sooooo long, how will it fit?

Tip 3

Make it easy to read… Some names are such a mouthful. I don’t even bother to remember. Sadly they might have been the best in their industry, but I forgot their name. They lost me as a customer and probably they have lost many more like me, who are reluctant to jot down a name.

How to Choose a Name for your Blog?

I asked bloggers with real blogs about how to choose a blog name… specifically, newbie blogger tips and here is their response.

Kushal from cafewhiz.com

The name of the blog should be meaningful. It should give an idea about the central theme of your blog. It should definitely sound positive. It should sound attractive, easy, and something different to help readers remember the name.

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1 thought on “What Should your Blog Name Be?”

  1. Sensible advice – thanks for the reminders.

    My blog name arose naturally from my site name, and (to me) it seems catchy. The three-letter abbreviation flows easily when spoken.

    In hindsight, I could probably have found something a little more focused on my services, but the name does seem to provide a good mnemonic trigger — people remember it easily and it does make them curious.

    Thanks again!

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